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Technologies I'm Learning In 2022

Technologies I'm Learning In 2022

The goal of this article is not to educate, but to inform and keep myself accountable :)

Coding is not just for work

As an engineer, I enjoy coding. I enjoy coding for fun and not just for work.

At work, I’m a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer. My stack revolves largely around the main Python ML frameworks (scikit-learn, tensorflow, xgboost, etc) alongside cloud-based services, namely Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and DevOps tools like Docker, Airflow and even message queues.

Looking Back

In 2021, I improved a lot in terms of my main programming language (Python) and dabbled with many frameworks that are based on it. I improved on RESTful APIs, dabbled with Rust (but failed miserably) and worked on projects that used AWS.

What I’ve Planned

In 2022, I aim to explore the world of cryptocurrencies and learn more DevOps tools to boost my skillset. That being said, I’ll need to find a use case for any of the technologies that I choose to learn. In summary, here’s what I’m planning to learn in 2022:

Closing Words

Let me know your thoughts and what you plan to learn in 2022 in the comments section below!

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